U.S. Merchant Accounts

Online Application (24 Hour Pre-Approval)

Just as with our international merchant account solutions, IBC Merchant Accounts offers US merchant accounts solutions to ALL online merchants, including merchants in industries considered by US banks to be ‘high risk’ and high volume merchants.  These so called ‘high risk’ US merchant account solutions allow merchants to process high monthly volumes with processors and banks that merchants are not able to get approval for US credit card processing from on their own.  So, IBC Merchant Accounts is able to place these ‘high risk’ industries as well as high volume US merchants that are not usually able to be placed with US acquiring banks.  This is simply because we have established large portfolios of merchant business with the processors and banks giving exceptions to these merchants if there is large enough economic reason for them doing so.

IBC Merchant Accounts’ high volume US Merchant Accounts are a unique opportunity for merchants who have outgrown their current merchant accounts, can’t get approved for more volume by U.S. banks, and do not wish to send their business through international banks.  In many cases, these U.S. merchants can still process within the U.S. as long as they only need to process USD transactions.  They may even be able to still get daily payouts and no reserve, even in industries that usually have to process transactions outside the U.S.  Let us review the account and determine this before we take the account to a bank in Europe or beyond.

The high volume US merchant accounts we provide enable online US merchants to process more volume than mainstream US merchant accounts would allow.  There are tricks to making this happen like simply using banks we have close relationships with and utilizing multiple MIDs among more than one bank or sometimes even with the same bank depending on the situation.

Along with high volume credit card processing, IBC Merchant Accounts also provides ACH & eCheck Processing to any business that needs it in addition to their credit card processing or as stand alone accounts.  Present your business, and we will do the rest.  Apply online or call.  IBC Merchant Accounts is more to our US merchants than an online merchant services provider, we ARE your long term partner for success.

Resources for Our International Merchant Accounts:

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