Real & Exact Testimonials

European Merchant Accounts
(US Processor acting as Reseller for IBC Merchant Accounts – for merchants they cannot place with their U.S. Acquirers)
“Josh, I just wanted to write to let you know we appreciate the business you’ve been sending us and also let you know how much feedback we’ve been getting from merchants we’ve referred to you.  As a processor in the US using US banks and some International acquirers, it’s important for us to get a diverse group of merchants on our portfolio for a good balance of high and low risk business.  You seem to have all types of merchants that bring this type of diversity.  Also, because we don’t have as many international acquiring relationships for high risk/high volume accounts as your company does, it’s been great having you as a resource to refer merchants we aren’t able to help knowing that you’ll take quick care of them.  Even though not through us, I’d much rather send them somewhere I trust knowing they’ll still get an account rather than turn them away with nothing.  I’ve been told you get right back to them, are very complete in answering their questions, and provide them with sounds accounts.  So, thanks for that, and I’m here for you when you have some more US merchants to send us! ;^)  Talk soon, Tonya.”

International Merchant Accounts & European Merchant Accounts
(High Risk U.S. Processor acting as Reseller for IBC Merchant Accounts – for merchants they cannot place with their U.S. Acquirers)
“IBCMerchantAccounts is our trusted goto within the high risk payment space.  The CEO Josh Russell runs a tight operation and has a diverse network of high risk banks to place accounts outside and inside Europe.  I have worked with him on a myriad of accounts ranging from retail based e-commerce to foreign currency, international  high risk MID’s.  If you are searching for a strategic partnership, IBCMerchantAccounts is a reliable and trusted source.
-Chase J.”

International Merchant Accounts
(Conservative International Processor acting as Reseller for IBC Merchant Accounts – for merchants they cannot place with their Acquirers)
“Josh, thanks for the hard work on the accounts we’ve been working on.  We really like the fact that, as a processor, we have a mutually beneficial partnership with your firm in which case we can send accounts to one another.  For us, you’ve been able to place accounts that we weren’t able to take ourselves at the time, and from you, we received quality accounts with well put together packages that made it easy to place with our banks quickly.  Best, Calvin.”