Real & Exact Testimonials

U.S. Merchant Account & ACH/eCheck Processing
(High Risk US Credit Card & ACH/eCheck Processor)
“IBC Merchant Accounts has been a great source for our high risk, high volume accounts of which the merchants don’t think they can get a U.S. merchant account but that we are able to place with our U.S. banks by simply being up on which acquirers are taking what and the most strategic way to approach a given merchant type or industry.  Specifically, Josh is great at identifying these accounts, and with his tenacity, he helps us work quickly through KYC procedures to get merchant accounts approved and merchants processing quickly.
Thanks for the business Josh!  E.W. Wright.”

U.S. & International Merchant Accounts
(Fraud & Chargeback Mitigation Alert, Analysis, and Prevention Systems)
“It’s been great working with you and IBC’s Merchants reduce their chargebacks.  We wanted to thank you guys for being so diligent in helping merchants get the most out of  our technology so they can really see the results we give them.  This has resulted in a lot of referral business through you guys, which we feel is spreading the word on how our platform helps to lower merchants’ chargebacks, and in turn, help you guys keep accounts up longer.  The more we help merchants reduce their chargebacks through prevention alerts, real time analytics, and  reporting, the better the whole eco-system of the merchants we all serve.  Keep up the hard work!
Mark S.”

International Merchant Accounts
(Conservative International Credit Card Processor)
“Josh, thanks for the hard work on the accounts we’ve been working on.  We really like the fact that, as a processor, we have a mutually beneficial partnership with your firm in which case we can send accounts to one another.  For us, you’ve been able to place accounts that we weren’t able to take ourselves at the time, and from you, we received quality accounts with well put together packages that made it easy to place with our banks quickly.  Best, Calvin.”