About Us

As an eCommerce solutions provider, IBC Merchant Accounts can assist all businesses (brick & mortar, high volume, industries considered ‘high risk’ by banks, etc) with their electronic transactions.  This includes all payments acquired by any form of commerce conducted electronically through the Internet on a Payment Gateway or Virtual Terminal, through any Mobile Device such as Handheld Terminals, including Mobile Phones and Tablets, or even through ACH/eCheck debits and credits.

eCommerce Solutions Provider (defined)

eCommerce solution providers consist of banks and card acquirers holding contracts with Visa and MasterCard, technical online payment gateways and credit card processors holding contracts with the banks and acquirers, independent sales organizations holding contracts with the payment gateways and credit card processors, and resellers who resell the services of all eCommerce solutions providers.  IBC Merchant Accounts has its own payment gateway to support online credit card processing and has contracts with banks and card acquirers so we can offer complete electronic payment acquiring solutions to the card not present merchant services industry.

A Little History

Transfer of electronic payments, commonly known as eCommerce, began in the 70s when the banks created ACH debit and credit transactions.  However, the real eCommerce revolution began in the late 90s when credit cards were accepted online.  With goods and services then being made available globally on the Internet, online business boomed as did the demand for eCommerce solutions and payments in all currencies worldwide.  Initially, businesses had a very hard time navigating through the merchant account process and understanding everything from getting the right account with the best rates to integrating a payment gateway with their website.  This is when IBC Merchant Accounts and other eCommerce solution providers were founded to provide better eCommerce solutions mainly in the form of online credit card processing accounts for electronic payments acquired by banks licensed with Visa/MasterCard for credit card and other alternative payment acquiring.

IBC Merchant Accounts was built by leading professionals in the banking, underwriting, and credit card processing industry. With over 20 years of experience in the “Card-Not-Present”, Online Credit Card Acquiring and Merchant Services Industry, our team possesses the unique ability to understand each and every merchant’s specific needs.  Its founder, having 15 years experience in corporate development and card acquiring and a degree in International Corporate Law from U.C. Berkeley, has successfully led the company, heading up its sales, marketing, and consulting.  During this time, he established a strong presence in the merchant services industry partnering with roughly 30 international banks in various countries to provide online companies with online credit card processing capabilities.

Here & Now

Through our established card acquiring relationships with international banks, payment service providers, and international corporate formation groups, and as a provider of Payment Processing Services as well as Corporate Development, IBC Merchant Accounts can assist online companies with international corporate structuring and ach/credit card processing through domestic and international acquiring banks.  Our partnering card acquirers include the larger European/German processors as well the more unique solutions in emerging markets worldwide.  Having this strong base, we can quickly implement a successful strategy to guarantee our merchants’ success.

Why IBC Merchant Accounts?

What further distinguishes us as a preferred merchant services provider is the wide range of services we offer.  With fitting merchants into the best possible processing solution in mind, we facilitate everything leading up to the merchant account along the way, including incorporation if a company is needed in the country of the processing bank or in a jurisdiction with the limited liability the merchant needs, the settlement bank account if the merchant needs a new place for funds settlement, website hosting if the merchant needs to host their site in another country, fraud alerts account setup, or even mobile payment platform setup.  So, whether a merchant is best matched with a bank in North America, Europe, or a bank in another area that fits their given situation, we can provide all products and services needed to get them processing.

Once processing, it’s important that everything runs smoothly and that systems are in place to ensure that it does.  IBC Merchant Accounts features multi-currency credit card acceptance services with advanced payment gateway technology, mobile payments capabilities, fraud & chargeback monitoring, and even ACH/eCheck acceptance as needed.  Having the control and understanding of all these aspects to payment processing enables us to have a hand in all necessary pieces to the puzzle so that payment acceptance is efficiently carried out.


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