Frequently Asked Questions –
Belize Incorporations

Why should I choose a Belize IBC?
– Belize is a preferred jurisdiction to have a company and conduct business for the following reasons:
– Belize is an independent country.  Colonized by the British and thereby deriving itself from British Commonwealth and having its law based on British Common Law, Belize is one of the most stable democracies in the world.
– Belize has a highly developed and reliable international communications system partly because of its large amount of tourism, and its main language is English.
– Belize is a desirable place to visit or retire.  It can be reached by air or auto…it’s two hours south of Cancun on the Caribbean coast.
– Belize is an established international corporate banking and financial center.
There are no currency exchange controls or restrictions on the movement of money entering or departing the country.
– Belize does not tax income generated outside of the country, whether by local or international corporations.  It also has no tax treaty with the US or Canada.
– Belize Law protects the anonymity and privacy of banking and corporate operations.  Specifically, corporate shareholders are not listed publicly.  Moreover, violations of privacy are punishable by jail time and heavy fines.
– Belize has not signed the US Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (Belize is one of few countries left that has not).

*No other jurisdiction has proven that it will back up its privacy laws as strongly as Belize.  The only challenge to Belize’ sovereignty came in 1995 when the Supreme Court of Belize successfully kept the country’s privacy laws from being breached by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

*Please consult your attorney and/or accountant for advice on your specific situation and whether an International Business Company is right for you.  We do not offer legal or tax advice, and it is important that, although advantages to using these companies, you follow all laws regarding the holding of such companies that govern the jurisdiction you reside in.