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Our Merchant Accounts

*Incorporations also available


U.S. Merchants

If your credit card processing volume is outgrowing the merchant account you currently have, our high volume US Merchant Accounts can keep you processing through US Banks without having to take your business offshore. Our goal is to keep your competitive rates, daily payouts, and no to low reserve, while increasing your volume limits. ACH/Debit processing offered with any account if needed.

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European Merchants

lf you can’t get approved for credit card processing in the US because you’re processing high monthly volumes, you’re located outside the US, or you simply want to expand your business’ market to more countries/currencies, European Merchant Accounts might be your future. Whether or not actually doing business in Europe, we can incorporate you in Europe making you eligible for EU Merchant Accounts.

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International Merchants

If your business is in an industry that US or European card acquirers won’t accept for processing, or if you’re looking to get into emerging markets to provide alternative payment methods and currencies to your customers locally in their countries, we provide International Merchant Accounts for processing credit cards and other types of payments in countries worldwide.

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Our Payment Services

Payment Acceptance


Payment Management


Payment Settlement


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    Credit Cards

    Merchant Accounts for card acquiring in 30+ countries with multi-currency payments.

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    ACH & eCheck

    Direct Debit Accounts for hassle-free, push authorizations from US & EU customers.

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    Alternative Payments

    Payment methods outside Visa/MC in Europe & CUP in Asia, in emerging markets worldwide.

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    Mobile Payments

    Payments from any Internet enabled mobile phone or device in secure PCI DSS environment.

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    Prepaid Debit Cards

    Loadable, virtual cards built for non-banked customers with no other method of payment. (Branded, physical cards also available).

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    Online Payment Gateway

    Integrated through API, an online terminal to accept customers’ credit card data in real-time.

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    Virtual Terminal & Batch Uploads

    Credit card data from phone orders or another merchant account, entered by the merchant.

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    Recurring Billing

    Payments continuing usually on a monthly basis for subscription based products and services.

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    Merchant Portal Access

    Logins for merchants and account managers to view transaction reporting in real-time.

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    Fraud & Chargeback Mitigation

    Preventative fraud scrubbing, fraud & dispute alerts, automated dispute representments, and real-time chargeback data analysis.

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    European Corporations

    Incorporated in any European country for EU Merchants and others applying for EU MIDs.

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    Int'l Business Companies (IBCs)

    Incorporated in Belize and other offshore jurisdictions. Can own European Companies.

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    Int'l Settlement Accounts

    Corprate Banking with ATM/debit cards for settlements from EU or Int’l merchant accounts.

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    U.S. Settlement Accounts

    US Bank Accounts for those outside the US needing settlements from US Processors.

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    Reliable Payouts

    Direct from card acquirer/processor or from P.C. Commerce. We only use top tier acquirers with proven track records for paying on time!

Real & Exact Testimonials

  • International Merchant Account
    (Subscription-based Merchant)
    “It can be very difficult determining the best merchant processing fit for your company due to the overwhelming amounts of data and companies competing in this marketplace. One resource we have used for over 12 years and has proven extremely helpful and knowledgeable is Josh Russell at IBC Merchant Accounts. We continue to be impressed and very satisfied with the professionalism, depth of knowledge and the processing options presented by Josh and his company. We always receive impartial recommendations with several programs that were the best options for our needs. Whether it was standard processing for our ecommerce needs or high risk merchant processing for our recurring subscription business, we would strongly recommend using this proven invaluable service. Thank you again for being a great, proven resource over the years IBC Merchant Accounts! Josh has always come through with a solution when we needed it most. – Mark Kelly; CEO, I-Vision Media”
  • International Merchant Account
    (Real Estate Merchant)
    “Hi *****,
    I just wanted to let you know that we have finalized the merchant account application and we are in the process of integrating the payment gateway now.
    I also want to thank you again for all your help. I’m sure that without you we would still be wandering in the dark trying to find a supplier. In fact, I had already applied to this same processor, and they rejected us. So I know that it was only with your help that we managed to get the account.
    If there’s ever anything I can do for you, especially if you would like anything from Thailand or if you need help with the internet, let me know.
    Marc ****, Managing Director
    **** WorldWide Co Ltd”
  • U.S. Merchant Account
    (Travel Merchant)
    “Reached out to Joshua regarding a merchant account a few years ago. He provided various information about getting International and US accounts. After few emails and phone calls, I provided documentation and the necessary paperwork to get on track. A few weeks later I was approved for a merchant account. Without Merchant Services in today’s business environment, I would be stuck in the waters. Joshua provides professional advice and action to get things done.
    Eddie, Go Fly *****”
  • Belize IBC/Banking for Merchant Settlements
    (eCommerce Merchant)
    “Dear *******,
    I have to thank you for providing fast and reliable service to us. Belize accounts are working fine, online access and online wire included. We will do more business soon.
    Best Regards,
  • Costa Rica Website Hosting & Belize IBC
    (Software Merchant)
    “We have been working with Josh Russell and (PC Commerce Ltd) for over 6 years now.  In that time, we have had 2 website hosting accounts in Costa Rica and 2 IBCs in Belize, which we’ve had to keep up and running renewing them annually for the full 6 years.  We initially made payment for hosting quarterly, but since we’ve felt more comfortable with the company, we’ve been able to get a discount by making full annual payments.  For the Belize IBC, we paid the initial setup fee and pay an annual fee with no problems getting confirmation of any work that’s done.  In the meantime, if we ever need anything changed or added to the hosting accounts, our domains, or the Belize IBCs, we get fast and effective responses from Josh at PC Commerce and their partnering companies.  If you have any specific questions regarding any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.”
  • Costa Rica Website Hosting
    (Digital Media Downloads Merchant)
    “Hello Josh,
    I just want to tell you the website is up and running and all is fine. The support I am receiving from the your Costa Rica web host is EXCELLENT! They are very responsive and give very detailed technical examples.
    Therefore I would like to transfer another domain to your company for the same setup. The only difference will be this domain will be transferred to you instead of you purchasing it. It will still be anonymous, etc.
    Can you set it all up and tell me how to transfer the domain. Also send me the total bill and I will wire the money to you just like before.
    Thanks again for the great service from IBC Merchant Accounts and ******!
    Best regards,
  • International Merchant Account
    (Subscription-based Merchant)
    “Hi *****,
    Thank you for your help in the process of acquiring MIDs over the past years.  Your assistance is especially important to us when there are challenges associated with getting a good processor, such as the specific needs surrounding recurring billing and needing MIDs setup in different currencies in a tricky industry like ours.
    With Best Regards,