Frequently Asked Questions –
Defining Merchant Industries

What are MCC’s?
Merchant Category Codes that classify each merchant under a certain code that Visa/MasterCard assigns merchants based on the industry they conduct credit card transactions in.  The list of codes correspond to industries and is published and offered by Visa/MasterCard for processors to follow as a guideline for their merchants when setting up a MID (Merchant Identification).  The MID is approved and setup under a specific MCC, and merchant processing transactions on that MID must fall under that category.

Which industries do you provide merchant accounts for?
The reason we work with so many card acquiring banks worldwide is so that we can provide processing solutions to all merchant types and industries.  See the list of industries below for details on some of the ones we see the most, and this might give you an idea of what we can offer if your business doesn’t fit into one of these categories.

(IBC Merchant Accounts is not limited to accepting merchants from the following list of industries.)

Currency –
Bitcoin Merchants
Binary Options Merchants
ForEx Merchants

Digital Products/Virtual Services –
Adult Merchants
Online Education Merchants
Software Provider Merchants
Tech Support Merchants

Entertainment –
Gambling Merchants
Lottery Merchants
Video Game Merchants

Financial Assistance –
Lending Merchants
Pay Day Loan Merchants
Collection Agency Merchants
Debt Consolidation Merchants
Credit Repair Merchants

Marketing –
Multi-Level Marketing Merchants
Seminar Merchants

Products –
CBD Oil Merchants
eCigarette Merchants
Medical Marijuana Merchants
Nutraceutical Merchants
Pharmaceutical Merchants

Travel –
Airline Merchants
Hotel Merchants
Timeshare Merchants
Travel Merchants

Brick & Mortar –
Gas Station Merchants
Rental Car Merchants
Restaurant & Food Merchants
Utilities Merchants
Sports Facilities Merchants
Sports Team Merchants