Frequently Asked Questions –
Online Payment Gateway

What is an Online Payment Gateway?
A real-time transaction processing system that operates as a payment service using a secure transaction server on the Internet.  Most of the systems our processors and banks provide are used to submit, authorize, capture, and settle online credit card transactions without the need for a separate transaction terminal or processing software.  However, oftentimes, merchants will already have processing software and/or shopping cart software established for their website.  The software is integrated with the processor’s International Payment Gateway.  Data entered by the customer online is transmitted to the credit card acquirer.  The transaction amount is then authorized by the bank in real-time, and the transaction is settled.

What Online Payment Gateways do you offer?
We have three online payment gateways connected to several banks worldwide.  They can be broken down as follows:

#1 Online Payment Gateway – Predominately connected to US card acquirers with a few larger European acquirers.  This is our go to gateway if a merchant can get approved for a US merchant account with a US bank, or a European merchant account with a top tier European card acquiring bank.

#2 Online Payment Gateway – Connected to mostly European card acquirers with the unique ability to accept all available alternative payments in Europe.  This gateway is also connected to several acquiring banks in emerging markets within countries worldwide offering currencies that many card acquiring banks don’t support.

#3 Online Payment Gateway – Connected to card acquirers in Europe, Asia, and another good source for emerging markets specifically in South America and several other countries worldwide.  This gateway has the unique trait of having customer service centers setup in several countries speaking many languages of those countries and of course offering card payment acceptance in the respective currencies.

*We also offer mobile payments through a Mobile Payments Gateway.