Frequently Asked Questions –
International Website Hosting

What is Website Hosting?
For a website to be hosted is for it to be housed on a server at a given location by a hosting company.

What is International Website Hosting?
The hosting of a website overseas or outside the website owner’s country.  The International Hosting Accounts we offer allow International Merchants to house their websites on an International Server.  One reason a merchant might use International Website Hosting is if they plan to conduct transactions for their online business internationally.

Can website owners Transfer an Existing Domain Name to IBC Merchant Accounts’ Hosting Company’s Servers?
Yes.  The contact for the current domain, or the prior domain host, can contact the new host to have them redirect the domain name to the new server.  This is done by changing the DNS Server Addresses within the configuration at the prior host’s server to point to the server at the new host.  The DNS Numbers will be emailed to the website owner upon payment for the new International Hosting Account.

What is Co-Location Hosting? 
To have a hosting company house a website on its own server located on their premises.  The main purpose of this is for the website owner to setup the server just how they want it, and although our International Web Host offers Dedicated Hosting, the website owner also enjoys the benefit of a Dedicated Server.

What is a Dedicated Server?
A server that is dedicated to one online company and not shared with other companies.

How many days does it take to setup New International Website Hosting?
If getting a New International Website Domain, it may be registered as early as the same day, and up to three days, after submission. Once the domain is activated, or if simply transferring the domain from another host, it takes approximately 72 hours for the domain to propagate to the new server.  In order to make sure there is not a lapse in the service of that domain, we highly recommend keeping the current service active until the transfer is complete.

What Domain Name Extensions can be registered?
Our International Website Hosting Provider supports all International Domain Extensions, including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .name.  They also support Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama extensions.

How can the Down Time of a Website be kept to a Minimum during the Domain Transfer Period?
If so chosen, our host will provide a temporary IP address to upload and test the website before the transfer is initiated.  Once the transfer process is complete, the data record will point the domain to our host’s server.  A request can then be made to the previous host that they delete the old domain name information from their DNS server.

How will the Website be Displayed on the Internet?
Once the domain name has propagated to the new server, the HTML and associated files will need to be uploaded to the established account with our International Website Hosting Provider.  If the first page of the website is an Active Server Page script file, then it must be called one of the following: index.htm, default.htm, index.html, or default.asp.  It should be made sure that the home page is located in the root directory rather than in a subfolder.  Otherwise, the site cannot be displayed unless a browser has that exact subfolder address in the browser window.

How is Content Uploaded to a Website?
Access will be given to the website via File Transfer Protocal (FTP).  With FTP access to a website, the site must be worked on with caution.  If not careful, the extensions can easily be overwritten and the integrity of the website can be destroyed.

Is Access to the Website provided to Update it and Make Changes?
Yes.  Our International Web Host provides unlimited access (24 hours per day; 7 days per week) to update and make changes to the website via FTP.

What Country are the Servers that IBC Merchant Accounts’ International Hosting Provider uses located?
The International Website Hosting provider we use houses websites on servers located in Costa Rica mainly.  The International Hosting Provider is located in the same building as Dell South America.  So, with a Co-Location account, a Dell computer can be purchased without shipping and taxes and formatted and installed on the spot without having to ship it.  Dell will also of course provide technical support on site if needed.

How Stable is the International Hosting Provider and their Servers?
We have worked with this International Website Hosting Provider for several years without a glitch, and their facilities are all modern and run state-of-the-art equipment with fast transmission speeds on an optical fiber Internet backbone.  This fiber-optic base is a great deal faster than what runs in the US and many other areas.  Moreover, their technical support is competent and efficient.

What is the International Hosting Provider’s Privacy Policy?
The International Hosting Provider we use administers the same Privacy Policy we have listed on our website.  The information given by the website owner to enter in the Whois lookup for the specific domain is the information listed as the contact information for the website.