Frequently Asked Questions –
International Merchant Accounts

What is an International Merchant Account?
Sometimes referred to as Offshore or Overseas Merchant Accounts, the International Merchant Accounts we offer 

How are International Merchant Accounts different from US Merchant Accounts?
With International Merchant Accounts, the transactions are processed through and acquired by an international bank.  International banks tend to accept higher risk accounts that domestic banks are not willing to take on.  Because of this however, the international banks have a very tedious underwriting process, and it makes the International Merchant Accounts harder to acquire than US Merchant Accounts.  This is not to say that international banks will accept more risk, but they will underwrite accounts considered to be high risk in the industry with more scrutiny, whereas a US bank simply will rule out merchants known to transact with higher risks.  Such risks can range from simply processing large monthly volumes to being a startup business without processing history or being in an industry with a negative history in processing.